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April 8, 2012 (Easter)

Since I do not celebrate Easter I went on a hike about 2/3 of the way to Barr Camp this morning. I can see great views very easily in Colorado Springs. Just a short drive and there is some amazing view to see. But the view always looks so much better when you have to work to get to it.

View towards Colorado Springs from Barr Trail

But I did find myself getting really angry during what I was hoping would be a serene hike today. First, but this did not really make me angry there were an incredibly large number of people on the trail. More people than I have ever seen on the trail this morning. Most running down from the top of the incline and getting mad at you if you did not get out of their way fast enough. I was tempted to intentionally be slow getting out of their way, but let courtesy prevail.

What really made me angry was the sheer amount of trash on trail. When you are going into the wilderness you should always practice leave no trace principles. The number one rule in leave no trace is always leave the area cleaner than you found it. If everyone follows leave no trace that would mean that there would be no trash to find on the trail. Unfortunately everywhere you looked there was trash.

I wish the county or the forest service would get strict about littering on the trail. I propose a minimum $1,000 fine or 200 hours of community service penalty for littering. I most get angry when I see littering in the wilderness, but also get mad when I see people intentionally littering anywhere. I think littering is a law that should be strictly enforced everywhere, and should carry an extremely harsh penalty. This is our planet, do not destroy it.