Diary of a Gay Boy

The Completely Unfiltered Life of a Gay Boy

April 6, 2012

I went to Carrabbas last night for dinner. I had no intention of going and knew exactly what I was going to make for dinner. But when it came down to actually making dinner I grabbed my car keys and went out to get something. I think I may have met myself a fag hag last night.

I was sitting at the bar waiting for my food when this older couple comes in. They were celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary. The lady looks at me and we have the following conversation:

Lady: Do you work in Fashion?
Me: No, not at all.
Lady: Really? You dress really nice and I just get that vibe off of you. So what do you do?
Me: I work in IT.
Lady: Oh my husband works in IT too.
Random chit chat…
Lady: Are you married, single…
Me: I am single
Lady: Oh, I wish I knew people your age. You should meet my daughter, but she has 3 boys and you do not want to get involved in that mess.
Me: That’s ok, but it would have to be a boy.
Lady: She has boys.
Me: No, what I meant was that my boyfriend would have to be a boy.
Lady: Oh, so I was getting the write vibe off of you. I just named it wrong.

We continued to chit chat for a while until their table was ready. At some point along the line she insisted I gave her my name and number, so rather than fighting it I gave her my business card. Well her husband left to go to the table while she was handling paying the bill. As she is leaving she turns to me:

Lady: Do you like to go to the theater?
Me: Yes.
Lady: I love going to the theater, but I can never get my husband to do anything. I am going to call you and invite you to the theater.
Me: Ok…

I am pretty sure I just got a 60 year old fag hag last night.