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June 6, 2012

Long day of work today with a lot of talking to people. Also a lot of listening to people and not caring about a thing they said. There are a few people who it is clear are not going to last at my client, and they were the people I was talking to for the majority of the day. I now understand why these people are on their way out.

It was interesting at dinner today when my boss said that if he were traveling alone he could easily stay under $25 for dinner because he would order a pizza or something and do take away. If I am traveling I am always going to go out to a restaurant. My goal when I am on the road is to spend as little time in my hotel room as possible. Which is apparently the same way my other boss thinks.

Now I just need to get Southwest status and a higher Hilton status and life will be really good. Not having frequent flyer status and being the lowest level hotel status kind of sucks, but eventually it will add up and I will travel more like a king.

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