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June 5, 2012

Kind of got annoyed at my boss today for trying to plan my current project to a more exact plan than we can possibly get to today. We do not have enough requirements to estimate how long things are going to take or what those things are going to be. I eventually talked him down to just a task list, but then he tried to delay our most critical task an extra few days because he wanted a full day to do a couple 30 minute tasks. I was ready to scream.

I was very lucky on my flight to California this morning. I ended up sharing a row with a man that had to weigh close to 400 pounds. The good news was the flight was not full and there was nobody in the middle seat. Otherwise it would have been a very miserable flight.

Speaking of flights I am a cheap ass. Was booking my trip back to California in a couple weeks and was debating about spending another 4 hours in travel time just to save $70 in flight cost. I know that for some people that $70 is a really big deal, but on a business trip you cannot justify 4 hours of travel just to save $70.

Also great news in California today. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals denied an en blanc re-hearing of the Prop 8 lawsuit today. That means the next step is for the religious uneducated to appeal to the Supreme Court. Finally getting something to the Supreme Court is a good thing.

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