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June 4, 2012

One good thing about traveling all of the time is that I learn to pack in 5 minutes. And even more importantly, I never worry that I am forgetting anything. Granted part of that has to do with having two of everything. Two toothbrushes, two combs, two jars of fiber, two pairs of shoes, etc. Everything that I can possibly get away with leaving in your bag.

On the flip side when I am on the road I eat out every night, which is not exactly good for my waistline. I need to be better about begging off from drinking a beer and eating more salads. It does help that I am going to California where most restaurants post calorie information on their menus.

The travel is especially bad considering that I am currently on a diet. I have successfully dropped 6 pounds in the past three weeks, but have another 30 pounds to go to my goal. It is really hard to lose weight when you are traveling due to the eating out and the fact that I exercise less when I am on the road. I need to be good this week to keep up my progress and see the 220s next week.

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