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June 12, 2012

I am a very angry person. A lot of things in politics make me mad, yet I never actually do anything about it. I have been thinking the last couple days what I could do to be more involved in politics and fixing the corruption in our government.

At first I gave myself the excuse that I have to work and I cannot make a living by being an activist, and if I won the lottery I would use all of that money to quit my job and become a full time activist.

But that is not the real reason I do not do more activism. I do not do more activism because I do not know how I can truly make a difference. I have a lot of ideas and am angry at a lot of politicians, but do not know what to actually do about it.

I can blog about it, but my blogs reach a very limited audience. I can write letters or call the politicians, but lets face it most of them are so corrupt that unless I have thousands of dollars to give to them that is not going to do any good. I could picket their office or church or business, but that is not actually going to change anyones mind, and will just be an annoyance for the politician.

So how can your average citizen impact the political process in today’s world?

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