Diary of a Gay Boy

The Completely Unfiltered Life of a Gay Boy

June 20, 2012

I have really been wishing that I came out to my parents a lot earlier this week for a variety of reasons. But I also have been blaming my mom and dad for not creating an environment where I felt I could come out. I have been composing in my head the last several days a letter to lay things bare, but it is a letter that would be very hard on them and I am not sure it is truly necessary.

I do know that it is something that I need to write, but is it something that I need to actually give to them? Eventually I probably need to give them some variant of it. But that time is not today. I need to give it to them when I have a boyfriend that I want to bring home for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

So I probably will write it and post it here as I know my parents are not smart enough to actually find this blog.

June 14, 2012

I got a Roomba today. It is really nice having my house swept without having to pull out the vacuum and vacuum myself. It takes a lot longer to sweep than if I did it myself, but then again I am not doing it so I do not really care.

Now to go clean up a compromised website that I host.

June 12, 2012

I am a very angry person. A lot of things in politics make me mad, yet I never actually do anything about it. I have been thinking the last couple days what I could do to be more involved in politics and fixing the corruption in our government.

At first I gave myself the excuse that I have to work and I cannot make a living by being an activist, and if I won the lottery I would use all of that money to quit my job and become a full time activist.

But that is not the real reason I do not do more activism. I do not do more activism because I do not know how I can truly make a difference. I have a lot of ideas and am angry at a lot of politicians, but do not know what to actually do about it.

I can blog about it, but my blogs reach a very limited audience. I can write letters or call the politicians, but lets face it most of them are so corrupt that unless I have thousands of dollars to give to them that is not going to do any good. I could picket their office or church or business, but that is not actually going to change anyones mind, and will just be an annoyance for the politician.

So how can your average citizen impact the political process in today’s world?

June 8, 2012

Today is one of those days that I was terribly tired and grumpy. I wanted to scream at my co-workers because they annoyed me, I wanted to take a sledge hammer to my computer because I could not figure out an issue I was having, and I started wishing that the United States would descend into civil war to fix the corruption and inequalities.

The one good thing about today is that I was able to inspect my house after the storms this past week and do not see any significant damage. The storms were pretty bad in some areas of town, but I was fairly lucky and my neighborhood, although it was hit, was not hit badly.

June 6, 2012

Long day of work today with a lot of talking to people. Also a lot of listening to people and not caring about a thing they said. There are a few people who it is clear are not going to last at my client, and they were the people I was talking to for the majority of the day. I now understand why these people are on their way out.

It was interesting at dinner today when my boss said that if he were traveling alone he could easily stay under $25 for dinner because he would order a pizza or something and do take away. If I am traveling I am always going to go out to a restaurant. My goal when I am on the road is to spend as little time in my hotel room as possible. Which is apparently the same way my other boss thinks.

Now I just need to get Southwest status and a higher Hilton status and life will be really good. Not having frequent flyer status and being the lowest level hotel status kind of sucks, but eventually it will add up and I will travel more like a king.

June 5, 2012

Kind of got annoyed at my boss today for trying to plan my current project to a more exact plan than we can possibly get to today. We do not have enough requirements to estimate how long things are going to take or what those things are going to be. I eventually talked him down to just a task list, but then he tried to delay our most critical task an extra few days because he wanted a full day to do a couple 30 minute tasks. I was ready to scream.

I was very lucky on my flight to California this morning. I ended up sharing a row with a man that had to weigh close to 400 pounds. The good news was the flight was not full and there was nobody in the middle seat. Otherwise it would have been a very miserable flight.

Speaking of flights I am a cheap ass. Was booking my trip back to California in a couple weeks and was debating about spending another 4 hours in travel time just to save $70 in flight cost. I know that for some people that $70 is a really big deal, but on a business trip you cannot justify 4 hours of travel just to save $70.

Also great news in California today. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals denied an en blanc re-hearing of the Prop 8 lawsuit today. That means the next step is for the religious uneducated to appeal to the Supreme Court. Finally getting something to the Supreme Court is a good thing.

June 4, 2012

One good thing about traveling all of the time is that I learn to pack in 5 minutes. And even more importantly, I never worry that I am forgetting anything. Granted part of that has to do with having two of everything. Two toothbrushes, two combs, two jars of fiber, two pairs of shoes, etc. Everything that I can possibly get away with leaving in your bag.

On the flip side when I am on the road I eat out every night, which is not exactly good for my waistline. I need to be better about begging off from drinking a beer and eating more salads. It does help that I am going to California where most restaurants post calorie information on their menus.

The travel is especially bad considering that I am currently on a diet. I have successfully dropped 6 pounds in the past three weeks, but have another 30 pounds to go to my goal. It is really hard to lose weight when you are traveling due to the eating out and the fact that I exercise less when I am on the road. I need to be good this week to keep up my progress and see the 220s next week.

June 1, 2012

I can tell I am actually enjoying my work right now when I get motivated and spend a few minutes on work at 9:30 at night. If I am not enjoying the work I walk away at 4:30 and never look back.

Only problem with enjoying work is I have to work hard to be good and not spend 24 hours a day and all weekend working. There are so many things I want to do for work this weekend and am trying to force myself not to do it.